I am a simple ..like reading and writing..crazy about books….i love paintings and whenever i get time i start painting…like socializing ,making friends from around the world and love too know about others cultures,like traveling ,cooking,teaching .. always be kind….i write novels but never try to publish them soon i do it With the help of GOD.. also like to do social work ..


After pre-medical, i have graduation degree in psychology ,and also i have  done my BA  in statistics too and and post graduation in Developmental sciences …..courses in project  planning and management ,computer,networking.


as um creative and passionate about writing, writing for my pleasure

i work for others too across the globe .I prepare assignments , ppt presentations ,write essays, articles, especially for students and teachers and others .My rates are very low..

IF anyone wants to make assignments ,ppt presentations,or write essay for them,YOU can contact me at any time ..mail me on mehaksaraz@gmail.com or on my second mail address shining moon hut @..


I also help others in coming out from the problems they are facing,stress, depression whatever  that is…having a spiritual problem, psychological, business, learning,love,relationship,education, etc. i use my abilities and spiritual power in solving these issues..

can contact me on mehaksaraz@gmail.com




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